How to submit a Tech Ticket/support request through and reset your Portal Password


The City of Salem uses, and offers to the Salem Public School staff and a handful of sister organizations, an online help ticketing system where an employee can login and with a couple of button presses submit a support request. The request will be routed through the system, by information the requester puts in to identify the request, and assigned to the appropriate Technical Team for assistance. The technician assigned to the request will communicate via email (coming from, phone or in person during work to resolve the request.

Anyone who has an account can also log into the portal and has the ability to review the tickets they have submitted, this is good for following up on submissions, but also good for the user in the situation where they have the same issue more than once, they can see what happened before to possibly resolve their issue on their own. The user also has the ability to update any open ticket request in the portal and provide more communication and attachment of files that are pertinent to the resolution of the request.

There is a Knowledge Base available to portal users. This is the digital library of documents that have been assembled to help users resolve their own issues and get more information on technical aspects of systems and programs. 

The search function in the portal allows the ability to search the users submitted tickets as well as the Knowledge Base.

Every employee of the City of Salem, Salem Public Library, Police and Fire departments, has an account that uses their computer login credentials to access it. 

Salem Public School employees should all have an account that may or may not be the beginning of their email address, please contact the help desk (978-825-3608) if you have forgotten your password.

Some employees of 'sister organizations' such as the NorthShore Workforce Board, Destination Salem, North Shore Community Health may also have accounts; please contact the help desk (978-825-3608) if you have forgotten your password or are unsure if you have an account set up.



In a web browser navigate to; at this time the user is not logged in but there are publicly available announcements and knowledge base articles that can be reviewed.


Hit the "Sign In" button in the upper right to get the pop-up to log in where the username and password will be entered. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it your self at this time. Directions for this are found later in this document.


When the user has been logged in correctly the page will show the following options:

  • My Tickets and Requests
  • Submit a Ticket
  • Browse Knowledge Base
The My Tickets and Requests page

This is where the user can review all of the ticket submissions that are in the system back to the implementation of this system (May, 2018). Every ticket can be entered by clicking the blue Ticket number field. This is also where a user can update a ticket with communication or attached files for the technician (see below for directions on this).


This page can be sorted by choosing "All Tickets", "Closed Tickets", "Open Tickets". Note: If a user is a manager of a department they will also have the ability to see and read their employees submitted tickets at this stage as well (related KBA: Manager viewing of employee submissions) . 


The Submit a Ticket page

This is where a user submits a new help request by filling in the fields in the pop up box that is invoked by hitting "Submit a Ticket". Identifying the request as detailed and accurately as possible is helpful to allow the system to efficiently route the request to a technician for support.

The fields:

  • Issue Type: this field is for a high level of where the issue is. Network, Software, Equipment, Data Request, General
  • Issue Detail: this field identifies a distinct area of support needed, there is an exhaustive list available, and the list may be limited by the "type" choice so if the intended Category is not seen choose a different Type in the previous field
  • Summary: please provide a short summary of what the request is for
  • Description: please be as wordy as you like in this box; the more information provided the better the technician can server your request from the start
  • Building & Room #: please enter a location where the requester may be contacted or found, this is especially helpful if the user is a SPS employee
  • Related to: this field allows the user to connect this new support request to a previous one they have submitted
  • Attachments: please attach any relevant files, screenshots, images, etc...

Fill in the fields and hit "OK" at the bottom to send in the request.


The Browse Knowledge Base page

This is the help portal's digital library where a user can read articles on many subjects; some of these articles might be informative to help the user utilize software, some articles are on password recovery for different systems, there is a growing list of articles (referred to as KBAs - Knowledge Base Articles) available to review.