How to submit a ticket for someone else


The support system at is set up for all the employees to submit support requests easily. The person identified as the "Requester" of the ticket will receive direct communication through the system as necessary, follow up questions, files produced, etc... 

There are instances where the staff member that is submitting the ticket might be submitting the ticket on someone else's behalf and would not need to be in direct communication after the ticket has been submitted.

Below is a walkthrough example of how Staff Member A would submit a support request for Staff Member B.


Staff Member B logs into and chooses "Submit a Ticket".

In the window that pops up Staff Member A will provide an 'Issue Type', Issue Category', 'Summary' and 'Description' of the request for Staff Member B with as much detail as they have.

There is a check box under the text box for the description of the request that Staff Member A can click on that will allow them to identify who the request is actually for at the next step. Once Staff Member A has clicked that box, they can then hit "Next" to proceed. 


The next window that appears allows Staff Member A to identify who they are submitting the ticket for. If they are not able to find the actual staff member in the list, they should hit the "Back" button and un-check the "Behalf of" check box. Once Staff Member A has identified who the actual requester is in the box they will be able to navigate to the next window by hitting the "Next" button.


This last window allows Staff Member A to identify where Staff Member B is located as this may be helpful for the IT staff to communicate efficiently with them. Files can also be attached at this time if appropriate.  Staff Member A can then hit the "Finish" button to submit the ticket for Staff Member B. 




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