How to Empty the Recycle Bin on Windows

How to Empty the Recycle Bin on Windows 


When using Windows to delete items or files in your computer to create more space in your hard drive, the files are not actually deleted. Your files are temporarily stored by the recycle bin, but if you go further to empty the recycle bin, the files cease to exist in the recycle bin. Also, the recycle bin utilizes a certain amount of its space to store deleted content. When this space is limited, old files are deleted to create room for new ones. That is why you may find your file missing in the recycle even if you never emptied it. Here we will show you how to empty recycle bin on Windows.




Step 1. Right click on your recycle bin


Select the recycle bin on your windows desktop and right click on it. Your screen will display a dialogue box


Step 2. Select empty recycle bin


From the dialogue box on the right-hand side of the recycle bin, choose empty recycle bin.


Step 3. Empty the Recycle Bin


From the delete multiple items dialogue box, confirm by clicking YES. You will see a progress dialogue box showing the ongoing deletion process. Items in your recycle bin will disappear one by one. This will only take a few minutes given the number of items in your recycle bin.




Please see attached document for visual representation.

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