Aspen - How to set up an account Recovery Password to get yourself back in




Did you know that you can reset your own Aspen password?

It takes a few minutes of planning to set up the password recovery in your account, but it can save you lots of time and help tickets in the long run.  You do need to do this when you have access to your account, so take a minute now and set it up now!


These steps will not work if you have already forgotten your password


Every time you log into Aspen’s web portal you have the option to hit the "I forgot my password" button. This is very helpful when you have forgotten your password and need to access your account. This will allow you to access the account enough to create a new password, which will then allow you your standard access.

Aspen will prompt you with a security question that you have previously answered in your account.




To set up the recovery option on your account:


When you log into Aspen, click the down arrow next to your name (in the upper right-hand corner of the web page). This will drop down a menu that says, “Set Preferences”:




The Set Preferences pop up window offers some basic account options; go to Security to set up the recovery question and answer:




On the Security page is listed your primary email address (this is your work email address) and then you can choose a security question off of the drop down list:



Make sure to put a memorable answer to the question you choose (you can put in anything as the answer, the system does not know, nor care, if the answer is correct). Enter the answer again and hit the OK button.

Aspen will then have you verify your current password to save these changes:


When you go to log into the Aspen website and have discovered you forgot your password you can then hit that “I forgot my password” button and Aspen will bring you to:




Put in the primary/work email address that Aspen has for you and hit the Continue button.

Aspen will then give you this pop-up window that asks you for the answer to your security question:




After you enter your answer to that question Aspen will bring you back to the login page with the following message:




You will receive, at your primary work email address, an email from the account with a notification that you requested to reset your password.

The email will also provide you a temporary password that you will need to change the next time you log in.

Check your spam folder in case the email was moved there!


Navigate to the aspen website again and enter your username and temporary password. 

The system will then prompt you to create a new password:




Hit OK, enter the temporary password you were emailed and then enter your newly chosen password twice.


Make sure that if you do reset your password and change it to a new one in Aspen that you also update the password anywhere it may be saved (classlink, browser, lastpass, etc..).












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